GREAT FALLS, Mont.- In the last 12 years the Cascade County Humane Society has helped spay over 10,000 animals to decrease overpopulation issues. Yet, the organization is saying there’s still overpopulation issues.

It's-a problem with cats more so than dogs. The human society says either pet owners are not getting their cats fixed or abandoning their cats who aren’t fixed leaving more liters in our community. Often times this leads to colonies of 20 to 30 cats on people’s properties. Sometimes they call places like the humane society.

"It becomes our problem and were overwhelmed with trying to trap these kitties and either get them placed or get them fixed and maybe put the adults back on the property if at all possible to try and take care of the population problem,” said Pam Guschausky the Cascade County Humane Society Treasurer.

The humane society says other cities in Montana don't have as bad of an overpopulation problem compared to Great Falls. As to why- they believe it's because we're more rural. It’s common to see liters around early spring through the fall. If you see any stray cats, it’s best to take it to get fixed right away or ask for help.

Getting your cats spayed, preventing Cascade County cat overpopulation problem

The Cascade County Humane Society is putting on spay-neuter clinics for low-income people in Cascade County. However, if you sign up, show up.

The humane society says they’ve had quite a few people not coming in for appointments when they've signed up, putting them out money and time. These clinics are $35 per pet. If you’re unable to afford the clinic, the humane society will spay your pet for free.

"We have people call the phone number which is ‪452-7729 to get on the schedule, we call them back to set up their appointment and they don't show up,” said Guschausky.

To spay an animal it costs the humane society between $45 to $65. If 30 cats are scheduled for an appointment and only 15 show up- that's 15 other cats who could've gotten spayed.

The next spay clinic happening this Thursday, July 18th is already full. There are more coming up in August— for more info click here.

The humane society says they're also in need of volunteers to help rescue these cats. If you're a pet owner who can't afford to feed their cat, they're urging you to call them instead of abandoning your pet.

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