GREAT FALLS - In what was the most unique case of the day a question had been posed, can we be alright with vigilante behavior?

This was the fine line Judge Pinski walked today when Tracie Bossie faced sentencing for stabbing the man who had molested her children.

Before delivering his sentence Pinski said the acts made on Bossie's children were horrendous but it doesn’t justify taking actions into your own hands.

“Ms. Bossie chooses to become a police officer the judge jury and nearly an executioner and if we allow parents of crime victims to take on those roles then where do we draw the line?” said Judge Gregory Pinski.

Pinski went on to sentence Bossie to the Montana Department of Corrections for ten years with eight years suspended.

The second big case of the day involved Autree Pederson who was being sentenced for rape. Pinski when deciding his verdict had this to say about Pederson.

“I recognize that Mr. Pederson is still a young man but as I mentioned earlier as long as Audree Pederson is on the streets the community is not safe,’’ said Judge Gregory Pinski.

Pederson was then sentenced to one hundred years in the Montana State prison as a Tier Three Sex offender with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.

Other cases from today had to be put on hold for various reasons and sentences for those cases will be set on a later day.


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