Brandon Craft denied bail reduction

GREAT FALLS – With the jurors being gathered tomorrow morning, a trial years in the making is getting ready to go once again.

“As the investigation unfolded it became increasingly possible that Petzack's disappearance may have involved foul play,” said Captain John Schaffer, Great Falls Police Department.

Court documents say after Craft killed Petzack, he and his wife began taking funds from his VA account. It was that tidbit that gave officers the lead they needed.

“Detective Perkins noted unusual transactions were funds were transferred to the crafts from Petzack's VA accounts, “said Captain John Schaffer, Great Falls Police Department.

They traveled to Washington State to interview the couple and during that interview, Brandon told police why he shot Adam in the back of the head.

Fast forward to 2018, a trial is set to take place where Craft's now ex-wife Kaitlin would testify against Brandon in a plea deal.

That deal included her admitting to setting up the account which is where Petzack's benefits would end up.

Just a few months later Brandon had to find a new attorney, Vince Vanderhagen was assigned to both Brandon and his cellmate.

According to his cellmate Brandon confessed the entire crime and made it a conflict of interest for Vanderhagen to represent both inmates, the trial was postponed once again.

Cascade County Attorney Josh Racki tells us they expect to start hearing evidence on Thursday and we'll be following this case throughout the week.


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