Brandon Craft

UPDATE: GREAT FALLS- We’ve been following the trial of Brandon Craft who was accused of killing Adam Petzack.

The Great Falls Police Department said 28-year-old Adam Petzack was the victim of a homicide in August of 2016.

Detectives finding transactions being made from Petzack’s bank account which lead them to Brandon and Katelyn Craft.

Over the past three years, Brandon Craft's trial was rescheduled many times. His trial started last week with medical examiners and officers from Great Falls Police Department walking the jury step-by-step through the murder of Petzack nearly four years ago.

After over a week of testimony and over 50 pieces of evidence being shown the jury had deliberated on Tuesday on Craft’s fate.

The jury came back Tuesday night, finding Craft guilty on all charges.

GREAT FALLS - Brandon Craft will continue to look on and listen from the defense table tomorrow as the trial will require at least one more day to come to its conclusion.

Out of the prosecutions, fifteen witnesses’ one remained Great Falls Police Department Detective Keith Perkins who was one of the two main detectives on the case.

He spent today in the hot seat answering questions for both sides of the trial.

“Yeah, nothing was found there either that was indicative of shooting events of inside that room either the trailer,” said Detective Keith Perkins after being asked about the room Adam Petzack was sleeping in.

By the end of today, there were over 50 pieces of evidence gathered for this case.

Including a rifle and a revolver that detectives were not able to rule out as the possible murder weapon.

The jury is set to enter deliberations tomorrow and we will continue to bring you updates in our newscasts.

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