The Great Falls Development Authority recently closed a $2.271 million bridge loan to Big Sky Cheese as the company continues to make progress towards coming to Great Falls.

The cheese processing facility has, however, caused some concerns over potential environmental impact.

The Great Falls Development Authority says they've reviewed the proposal and aren't too concerned, saying they feel the company will be a good addition to the community.

In the end, they're hoping local businesses, along with restaurant owners across the state, find interest in the Montana branded cheese produced in Great Falls.

However, people in the community are still uneasy about the situation. 

“There have been a very few who have gone beyond the line and wanted to stop the project for one reason or another. With one threat we've referred to Cascade County Sheriffs,” explains Brett Doney, President and CEO of Great Falls Development Authority.

Luckily, the threat was handled quickly and no one was injured.

The GFDA is hoping to have the loan re-paid and construction started within a year.

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