Belt 5th graders take part in "Operation Santa"

Kids from the fifth grade class of Belt School came up to Great Falls to do a whole shopping spree, and the reason will warm your heart.

“Today we are coming in to shop for underprivileged kids in our community. The students have raked leaves, had bake sales, sold a lot of raffle tickets and they have raised over $1600,” said Kathiee Metrione.

Now the kids take those $1600 and divvy it up so each group gets $100 to spend on making someone else's holidays special. Not only that, but the kids learn a lot and have different jobs while taking part in Operation Santa.

One is the banker who holds the money and assists the accountant. The accountant keeps track of how much money the group gets to spend, and the other job is the shopper. The shopper gets to push the cart and deciding items to pick for their assigned kid.

After they checkout from the store, it's back to Belt school to wrap up the gifts. The students say this is great to help others.

“It feels really good that you’re helping other kids out,” said Jai Pruitt- Warren.

Once these kids finish wrapping the presents up that they just bought, Operation Santa is almost complete. There is still one more thing they have to do and that's anonymously donate to those in their community.

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