GREAT FALLS - It's red bucket season here in the Electric City and one company is taking the giving season one step further with a little friendly holiday competition.

If you walked into Smith's Monday, you may have heard bells ringing and Christmas songs being belted out by one very excited bell ringer.

Smith's matched dollar for dollar for donations given that day as a part of a company-wide competition to see who could raise the most money for the Salvation Army.

One employee who got to suit up and 'man the bell' told us how big his goal is for raising money this year.

“I’m doing this for the Salvation Army and I’m doing this to raise one million dollars, I love it and Christmas joy”, said Smiths Employee and Bell Ringer Jamie Darko.

The dollar matching did end Monday, but don't worry, the buckets are still out all over town, waiting for that next donation.


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