Being Bear Aware while bird hunting


GREAT FALLS - October 12th is the first day of Pheasant season here in the treasure state and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is asking everyone to be bear aware when they head out for the hunt.

Bears are opportunistic animals meaning they will eat a variety of foods regardless of where or what it is.

This means the chance for an encounter while hunting could be on the rise.

Once you are out on the trails FWP wants you to keep this in mind.

“Look for fresh bear signs, ugh try to avoid startling bears so if you’re hunting up a brush row or in a river bottom make plenty of noise so the bear knows you’re coming, carry bear spray and be ready to use it so if there is an encounter you have an effective deterrent in bear spray,” said Greg Lemon, Information Bureau Chief at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

If you are bringing a bird dog to remember, keep an eye on them as well so they don’t startle any bears in the area.


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