Augusta prepares for flooding season, after recovering from last year's

AUGUSTA- When is spring coming? Folks in Augusta are saying be careful what you wish for after flooding damaged the town resulting in their rodeo getting postponed and their main bridge into Augusta being split in half.

In fact, they've already started taking extra precaution in preparing for potential flooding this year.

People in Augusta say the only thing they can really do is pray for no more heavy snow or rainfall.

They're not going to build a dike around town there are certain things they simply can't do, but people say they can fill sandbags, spread the word to people who may not normally take precaution, and if necessary, the chamber of commerce will make a plan of action.

"The good news is we have a brand new bridge on 21, so I wouldn't expect that's going to go out again. That was devastating. One of the main entrances to town was wiped out for the whole summer,” said Lynn Kenyon, a resident in Augusta.

So will Augusta see large amounts of flooding this spring? Well, Great Falls National Weather Service says it’s certainly a possibility depending on how many snow storms we get over the next two months. So, if March's snowfall settles down and the rain holds off, we may be in luck.

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