Rocky Mountain Building in Great Falls could bring microbrewery to downtown

GREAT FALLS - Downtown planners are inviting local businesses to set up shop downtown, as part of a decade-long plan to help the community grow.

Despite several new businesses opening downtown recently, there remains some closed doors and for-sale signs.

Jolene Schalper, Vice President focused on Business Development, acknowledges that many storefronts are vacant.

"There's empty buildings. There's buildings that right now that have people in them, but that the building owner is looking to sell or looking to expand what’s offered there. There’s just lots of opportunity.”

If you have an idea for a business, Schalper said one of the best things you can do, is talk to the people at the 300 block of Central Ave. That's home to the Business Improvement District and the Downtown Association.

Great Falls has a number of private and public partners focused on growing and diversifying downtown who are there to help you get your business started.


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