American Red Cross closes in Browning as conditions improve

Browning cleans up after the 2019 September winter snow storm dumped 4 ft. of snow on the town. 

BROWNING- Folks this afternoon are still shoveling their way out of the 4 ft. of snow that dumped on them this past weekend. 

The American Red Cross and the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish joined together to make sure people had a warm place to go during this unexpected September winter snow storm. 

In the last 24 hours they’ve served 21 breakfasts, 23 lunches, 10 dinners, 280 snacks and drinks, housed 21 people and 35 people came in to get warm. They said there hasn’t been any injuries due to the storm only minor health issues.

The American Red Cross said they will close the shelter at 5 p.m. tonight because conditions in Browning have gotten better and main roads are back open. 

Currently, Blackfeet United Methodist Parish said they will take donations of warm clothing like socks and jackets. To donate call 406-338-3900.

Although the shelter has closed, the American Red Cross said there’s still a chance of them being back next week depending on if and when Browning gets flooding from the melting snow. 

The American Red Cross said in the event of any disaster call  1800-ARC-MONT. 

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