University of Providence Male Cheerleaders tell us their story about the sport

GREAT FALLS- For the first time in NFL history, according to ABC News, the Los Angeles Rams announced that two men would join its cheerleading squad.

As it turns out we found that the University of Providence has a couple of their very own male cheerleaders who happen to be at least two of four in the history of UP. 18-year-old Hunter Riley and 19-year-old Kyle Bourg are your typical students here inside the classroom at the University of Providence, and even outside of the classroom, but there is just one thing that sets them apart.

It's called the spirit squad.

Essentially it's male cheerleading. Meaning they do jumps, tumbling, stunting, and tossing. After getting injured while playing football in high school, a friend of Riley's who was already involved with male cheerleading encouraged him to give it a try.

"I did it just too kind of experience something new. To have fun. The times are changing. There's different diversity, there's different growth. I'm just trying to help with the growth, especially with the new NFL two cheerleaders,” said Riley.

As for Bourg, a native to Great Falls, he decided to become a male cheerleader right after he walked off the wrestling team at Great Falls High and joined the pep band.

"I saw a performance done by UGF and Great Falls High combined at our cross town game, and that's really cool. So I talked to the coach at Great Falls High, and within two days she got me on the squad. I basically joined because it felt like it would make me a better person,” said Bourg.

And socially, the male cheerleader gig doesn't really seem to be killing their vibe.

"Most girls are actually like oh my gosh that's sweet, and most of the guys are like Hunter, why aren't you dancing with the females?” said Riley.

Most of all, even their mom's agree with the college girls.

"My mom loved the idea,” said Riley.

"She said well it is your life, I'm not going to stop you from doing. You had the same decision to leave the football and wrestling team because of bullying that was going on,” said Bourg.

However, if you do beg to differ with males tumbling and jumping, well these two men will leave you with this.

"Look at it as you're the one that's around say in high school it's 30 plus females every morning whereas they're around a bunch of stink dudes. Which one would you rather be around?,” said Bourg.

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