UGF Argos Introduces Dave Gantt as Vice President of Athletics

On Friday, the University of Great Falls introduced Dave Gantt as the Argos new Vice President of Athletics in front of coaches and staff at the student center on UGF's campus. Gantt is a former coach, and he says UGF is his new team. He also says he has an opportunity to immediately work with the coaching staff since he's been in their shoes. Gantt also recognizes the challenges that will come when taking over a program that has been without full-time leadership for two years.

"What do I do first that has the most impact across the board for all of the student athletes. I don't think we'll get specific to programs as much as we would get specific to the process of let's get better, and we got to start somewhere so what's the most important thing that we can do to help our kids," said Dave Gantt.

"I think he's going to bring in the knowledge of helping us mentor those student athletes and something that we've been missing an haven't been able to do," said wrestling coach Caleb Schaffer.

"I think he's going to be a great mentor for a lot of us. Really help us. I think he mentioned to be a resource for a lot of us. Volleyball specific. Gosh I have a great mind next door to me now," said volleyball coach Arunas Duda.

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