Tracy Houck Comments on winning city commissioner recount

Tracy Houck told KFBB that she had campaigned for the city commissioners race for about four months and it was an interesting race from the start.

Before the election Houck was involved in a complaint by another city commission candidate Don Petrini, for failing to report just under three hundred dollars in donations and expenses. She was not disqualified as a candidate once she amended her reports. Houck was still able to beat Tryon in the November 3rd election by just 7 votes, and after the recount that he filed for on November 6th Houck still came out victorious.

"I'm pretty excited about the entire process, I know that there was a lot of talk out in the community about this was my first election did I do things right the first time you know I goofed up my paperwork but the state give me a chance and its great too see that when it came down to it every vote did count." said Houck.

The final voted for that recount was  6, 260 votes for Houck, where Rick Tryon finished with 6, 249. 

Houck will join Bill Bronson, Fred Burow, and Bill Jones as city commissioner in January. 

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