Student Athlete of the Week: Foothills' Daniel Johnson

Everyone in the world gets 24 hours in their day. But Foothills Community Christian's Daniel Johnson uses every minute to its fullest extent.

"He went to hockey practice at 6 a.m., came to school, then went to basketball practice right after school," said Foothills athletic director Carson McNay. "I'd find him down in the weight room during his off periods lifting."

While most high school kids are at most three sport athletes, Daniel competes in four. Outside of school he plays for the Great 

Falls Fury lacrosse team and the Americans hockey team. Two years ago he joined the school soccer team, then last year, the basketball team.

"Our numbers were a little short, they were short to begin with, and he stepped up and saw that need and we had a great team because of it," said McNay.

Daniel's selfless acts don't stop at athletics. He's also involved in student council. Before the school year:

"We give out school supplies for needy children and that helps them to boost their confidence," Johnson said.

Then during the holidays:

He added "we collected gifts for people around the school and then we brought them to the rescue mission so that we could 

give it to them to needy kids."

Daniel's outreach even extends beyond Great Falls.

"we sent a mission team to Arizona to help build a house for a family in need and he was the first one to volunteer for that," said McNay. "He's a light to our school, our community."

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