Student Athlete of the Week: Fergus High School's Macy Mangold & Libbey Jenness

Every Wednesday, between hitting and catching, Macy Mangold and Libbey Jenness continue a tradition set up years ago. 

"You really don't realize how many kids truly deserve it and truly need it," explained head softball coach Mike Mangold.

The sophomore duo heads to a local church, where they fill up around 200 bags of donated food a week.

"Some kids, they really don't get anything when they go home for the weekend, so you're giving them something to look forward to," Macy said..

Without Blessings in a Backpack, some elementary kids in Lewistown would not have a meal outside of regular school hours.

"It's really humbling because it's hard to realize how privileged you are until you realize that these kids aren't getting these things," Libbey said.

"They're trying to be one of the reasons it succeeds and try to be a solution," added Coach Mangold.

Although the project takes a few hours each week, Macy and Libbey know they're setting upcoming generations up for success.

"You set aside the time and you see it not as a chore, but something that you want to do," Libbey explained.

Coach Mangold, also Macy's dad, says that the attitude of giving back is something he looks to instill in both his daughter and his team.

"You're not looking for any of that extra recognition. You're not looking for pay. You're doing your part," Coach Mangold said. "A lot of it goes unseen and unnoticed but we see it as coaches and we see it as parents too."

Macy, Libbey, and the entire Fergus softball squad emphasize that there's always ways to better your community.

"If you just look around, you'll see some need for something," Macy concluded.

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