10/5: Senior Standouts CMR Rustlers McAllister Triplets

Simple math dictates that one plus one, plus one equals three. The same as Walker plus Patrick plus Connor equals the McAllister triplets.

"I'm actually the oldest. I am two minutes older than Patrick, and he is two minutes older than Connor," said Walker McAllister.

The three fraternal triplets may look a little alike, but each brother has very different personalities, talents and interests.

"I really try to think of myself as someone who's always looking out for the better interest of my teammates, better interest of my brothers."

"I can wiggle my ears just like that. They can't do that so that makes me a little different from them," said Connor McAllister. 

"I'm probably maybe the world biggest Bruce Springsteen fan," said Patrick McAllister.


On the football field and at home, the McAllisters say having three of them is like always having best friends right by their side.

"I've got a lot of brothers on this team, but it's like having two that are, you see them in the morning when you get up and eat breakfast, and then when you go to bed, there right there too so," said Connor McAllister.

"After every practice they're always there. We can always talk about it. A lot of critique, probably too much there, really competitive," said Patrick McAllister.

"We never have a dull moment in our house. Always got something to do, always got someone to talk to," said Walker McAllister.


The CMR Rustlers head football coach Gary Lowry says the McAllisters are stand up kids.

"They are definition of what we want as a kid in our football program. They're good students. They're great leaders. They're good role models for younger kids, and just fun to be around," said Gary Lowry.

For the first time ever, the brothers might not be around each other next year.

"I think we're all going to go our separate ways after this. We'll all interested in different schools, different fields. I've tried not to think about it. I try to make the most of the time I have with them now," said Walker McAllister.

"It really hasn't hit me yet. Being able to come out and play football all day, you really take that for granted. I guess you won't be able to, I won't be able to realize until it's gone," said Connor McAllister.

"It will definitely be a new experience. I mean I've spent 18 years with these two guys. Probably going a week without them, I'll go crazy or something," said Patrick McAllister.

The bond the brothers have shared since birth will always remain unbreakable just like one plus one plus one will always equal three.

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