Senior Standout 3/5 Cam Wollman

"It's a toll when you're the only senior on the team, you gotta you know everybody is looking up to you for leadership, everybody is when stuff starts going south they turn to one guy and that's me the senior," said  Winnett Grass Range Rams center, Cameron Wollman.

Standing 6-foot-2, the only role larger than the post-play is his leadership of the Winnett Grass Range Rams.

"He's a big kid so when he's fronting kids its hard to get that ball over the top an when he's behind em, he's quick for a big kid, he can move his feet and actually this year he's been the best defense I've had," said Rams coach, Levi Johnson.

"Vocally, he just settles em down when things start getting a little crazy, he'll settle em down and say, hey just relax and that's been nice having a senior that's been through the grind for 5 years…" added Johnson.

Cameron was brought up to play high school ball as an 8th grader, now he draws upon his skill as well as  extensive experience to mentor his team  

"We wanna get him rolling early because maybe if he can get an and one or two that really helps our confidence and it really give positive energy," said Rams guard, Zane Stahl.

Even though Cam's time with the Rams is up, Wollman still keeps their future in mind…

"I guess everybody on the team looks up to me so I kinda wanna leave a legacy to have somebody to pickup and take the reigns now that I'm gone," said Wollman; Adding that leadership really boils down to one factor…  

"Positive attitude, you can do a little bit of yelling but mostly you wanna have a positive attitude cause this games 99 percent mental, you have your athletic ability but if you don't bring it mentally, you're gonna lose. "

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