Millennials making the move to Montana

An endless number of articles about jobs for millennials can be found in publications such as Time Magazine and Forbes, and they often list the best places for the generation to live and work in cities like New York and Seattle. However, more and more millennials are making the move to the Treasure state and are finding plenty of opportunities. 

Millennials, the generation that was born in the 90's and the early 2000's, the generation that is graduating from college and trying to find the perfect job in the perfect place. 

"Not a lot of people know that there are opportunities in their own state and their own backyard." said Andy Shirtliff, The Small Business Advocate for Choose Montana. 

 The Choose Montana initiative is all about keeping the Montana millennials in-state and attracting the ones from out of state. And according to millennial one of the most important things to this generation is the opportunity for entrepreneurship. 

"We're the number one state for start ups, where people can start a business here and we've been the best place for start ups for the last three years." said Shirtliff.  

Just take a look around there are plenty of young professionals who chose Montana to live and work, and the common theme here is that the Treasure State has a lifestyle that you can't find in big cities. 

"It's gorgeous, I like to run on  the trail and access the river, and you can do that right in town." said Taylor Lucero, the HR Recruiter at Benefis Health System.  

"I've worked in big cities and the difference between working in the Atlanta Georgia and the Great Falls Montana is that you're able to make business connections, you know if you need help there's people and resources available to you." said the General Manager of the Voyagers, Scott Reasoner. 

Even I, find myself in a similar situation. A millennial from New York that moved to Montana for a professional opportunity and can't leave because of the wonderful amenities. 


In the coming months Choose Montana will be  stepping up recruitment, and available resources through symposiums, and summits in hopes that millennials can find them selves in the 'Last Best Place.'

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