Mattress Firm Student of the Week: GFCC's Sydney Hill

Sydney Hill is known around the community for her performance on the volleyball court, the softball field, and the basketball court. Where Sydney really shines however, is outside the gymnasium, where she leads by example through her service work.

"Being a leader outside of just sports really helps people in seeing that you can really do both, and you can help people no matter what you're doing," said Sydney.

Sydney and the Mustangs approach to charity aims to service.

"Three main groups; we help with the elderly, the poor, and the young kiddos that don't have as much as they should," said Sydney. 

In the midst of basketball season, Sydney made time maintain the magic of Christmas for children in her community.

"We set up a tree in the commons and we put angels on them with the families or kids that need something and what they want for Christmas," she says. "Last year I got a kid who wanted a whole bunch of Frozen stuff, and so we gave him frozen lunch boxes and clothes, and Barbie dolls and stuff like that and we got to deliver those presents over to head start, where all our kids came from, and they were really excited the people. When we brought in the presents, they were crying."

Regardless of the season or the beneficiary, for Sydney and the Stangs, charity is a gift that keeps on giving. 

"Seeing the people, how thankful they are... the smiles on their face after you get to help them, it is really awesome especially when your working with people directly. You get to see how you impact them and its really cool," said Sydney.

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