Mattress Firm Student of the Week: Belt Husky Anthony Wall

Teamwork is the signature trait for the Belt huskies. One of the major leaders in the Huskies team culture is coach, Jeff Graham. Meet coach Graham's right hand man, Anthony Wall.

"I'm always here for Coach Graham. If he has any problems or needs anything done, I'm his go-to man. I just get it done as quickly and as efficiently as possible for him so he doesn't have any more problems with it," said Wall.  

Coach Graham says Wall gets things done. "The thing about Anthony is that I can give him my keys and tell him to do one thing and its done. He can setup, he knows what do do, sets up for football and basketball, track, he helps organize rosters, bus lists. You know, I don't have to babysit him. He usually babysits me."

Apart from managing the Huskies boys basketball, track, and football teams, Wall also helps the community. 

"Youth leadership is a program where we are taught leadership skills and give back to our community as well," Wall said. "Just this year, we did a Sluice Box cleanup, pulling knapweed out to make the park more safer or anything, getting rid of the invasive species," said Wall.

Apart from DECA club and youth leadership, Wall is a member of the fire department. 

"My friends had been pushing me to join the volunteer fire department here in town for three months out of the summer, and I finally gave in and joined and its just been a blast," Wall said. "I've adopted that thing of always being there for someone, because I don't like leaving someone out in need." 

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