Great Falls Couple, Josiah and Lisa Badger, Lead Inspiring Lifestyle of Fitness

"Josiah is a super runner - just amazing. And if I can keep him in sight, that's awesome," said Lisa Badger.

"I try to bury her on the bicycle, I try to shake her, but I can't," said Josiah Badger.

For Josiah and Lisa Badger, staying active is more than just a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

"We just place goals for ourselves and those goals drive us forward and we just want to get better, work harder and do more every year," said Lisa Badger.

And they're doing quite a bit this year. Josiah just accomplished something special, running his first ever Boston Marathon.

"It was really an honor to do it, first of all. And everyone in that town was just out there. The population of Montana on a course but really a sense of patriotism, everyone congratulating you," said Josiah Badger.

It's Lisa's turn next. She'll compete in her first ever Iron Man in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She'll try to do what her husband has done - complete the 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on bike and full marathon on foot.

"After that you get to hear, 'you are an IRONMAN' and I'm all about that," said Lisa Badger.

"I'm here this year to support Lisa when she does it. I hate to say a time and put her out there but I definitely think she's going to go sub 13 which would put her at the front of her age group," said Josiah Badger.

In their thirties, the Badgers also have two daughters, ages 10 and 7. And although their lives are time consuming, all of this has fortified their family.

"The kids get to experience so much and they've seen so much country with us doing these types of things. The east coast travel was kind of neat this past week so it really does bring togetherness," said Lisa Badger.

"Whether it's being active or something else, I think it just encourages to be with your family and grow those relationships. That's the most important thing is family being together," said Josiah Badger.

That's what the Badgers are - together. Enjoying the journey from starting line to finish line.

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