ESPN Anchor Visits Hometown of Great Falls

Montana welcomed back one of it's own.

ESPN SportsCenter Anchor Jaymee Sire was in Great Falls to be a guest speaker at the Great Falls Tribune Northcentral Montana Sports Awards banquet. Sire took pictures with all the award winners and shared some of her favorite stories and memories with the audience. Jaymee told SWX that this speaking event was a special opportunity for her because Great Falls is her hometown.

"This is where everything started for me," says Sire. "Not only did I grow up here, but I did internships here and I started my career here. So I think it's really important just to always remember where you came from and appreciate the work ethics and the values that you learn growing up. And I learned so many great things here in Great Falls and in Montana and hopefully I pass that along to everybody I meet throughout my career and on the East coast."

Sire spent time working as a camera operator for KFBB in Great Falls while she was attending Great Falls High School. After starting her on-air career in the Electric City, she obtained different sports reporting jobs in San Diego and San Francisco/The Bay Area. She's been working for ESPN since 2013 and says it's exciting but a bit nerve wracking to represent her home town on a national level.

"It's truly and amazing feeling. I mean I don't know if I ever realized that I would be doing that on that platform, but it's fun....just a lot of pride for me and I think for people that knew me growing up and seeing me excel to that level. On that same note I feel like there's almost kind of some pressure because I'm representing the entire state of Montana for these people. So hopefully I'm representing you guys well," Sire says.  

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