CMR Girls Win Soccer State Championship

It was a long time coming for the CMR girls soccer team, but they finally captured that elusive state championship.

"It's absolutely unreal. We've worked so hard and I'm so proud of the girls. There's been adversity and just how we played today is incredible," said Lindsay Martinez, CMR senior.

Heading into the championship match against Bozeman, the Rustlers were underdogs. But after having to go through penalty kicks not once but twice to even make the title game, they sure weren't going to lose once they got there.

"Everybody kept saying why not us, why not us. We knew what we had to do and we just believed in ourselves, said Payton Netz, CMR senior.

"We knew that we worked all year for this and we were not going to roll over. We were going to fight the whole way to the last whistle," said Martinez.

With the hardware now theirs, CMR made history, becoming the first team from Great Falls ever to win a soccer state championship.

"It's unbelievable. We worked as a team all year and had one expectation from the beginning and it hasn't sunk it yet that's it reality. It's unbelievable," said CMR head coach Rob Zimmerman.

And for Rustlers head coach Rob Zimmerman, he was sent off the right way. Zimmerman, of course, retiring after the season and he retires with a state title.

"17 years and we're his final year and he finally wins one. It just shows how much respect we have for him and how much he has for us. He put his heart into us and believed in us and we believed him, and it worked," said Netz.

"Storybook ending. You couldn't write it any better. It's just phenomenal. It's a game I won't forget, that's for sure," said Zimmerman.

A game he won't forget, a game people won't forget. Won by a team and coach that will go down in history.

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