Senior Standout: Cash Abbott

You can normally find Cash Abbott on the basketball court, with a smile on his face and a swagger like no other.

“You know it’s just a mental thing. I don’t care what people have to saw about me,” Cash said. “I let the rumors go in this ear and out this ear.”

He started basketball at three years old, and quickly developed a love for the game.

That love followed him to the high school hardwood. He joined the team at Great Falls High, and built connections that would last a lifetime.

“I couldn’t wait for basketball. When there were open gyms and stuff, I instantly connected with them. They became my best friends since then,” he said.

But his closest connection came, not just on the court, but through a shared passion for fashion.

“Kyle’s great with graphic design, and he started making shirts. And I started asking him questions like how do you do that and all this. So I give huge props to Kyle, cause without Kyle I wouldn’t have gotten into that stuff.”

“Well I didn’t know at the start of the season that he kinda liked that,” Great Falls High senior Kyle Torgerson said. “I mean I knew he liked fashion and looking good and stuff, but we kinda talked throughout the season and became closer. He’s always wanted to do something, but he didn’t really have a path, so he didn’t know how to do it or what to do. So I kinda got him on that path.”

Now that basketball is in the review mirror, Cash spends most of his time working on his craft.

“Right now, it’s just into logo-ing. But I want to get to where I start making my own clothes,”said Cash.

The first step in building his brand? Art school. He hopes to attend the Art Institute in San Antonio this fall, but his dreams a little bigger than just sketching.

“Buy my mom a house so she don’t have to live in the apartment no more. That’s my main goal is to get her out of here.”

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