Wit... humor ... dance ... Flint Rasmussen turns every rodeo he's part of into a full show. But before the makeup, Flint was just another student athlete in Choteau.

We visited his alma mater to find out how a small town shaped famous rodeo clown Flint Rasmussen into a Montana Treasure.

"My job is to bring joy to people, just for a couple hours," he says. "Bring joy."

Rasmussen climbed his way to the top of the rodeo world and is now considered one of, if not the most, famous rodeo clowns in the sport of bull riding. He performs all around the world.

"I get to work at Madison Square Garden, AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, LA, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Chicago," he says.

Even international rodeos in Australia, Mexico and Canada.

It all started at Choteau High School.

"Home is home. I guess being here is humbling. To all these kids in this school I'm just Flint from town."

In high school athletics, Flint found a love of crowds.

"To me, the guys on this floor were performers."

He didn't only excel in sports.

"What I loved just as much was down the hall in the auditorium, the choir concerts. I was in a lot of school plays, school musicals. That was a real part of what I was growing up."

Both sports and theater helped him find success in his work, where he draws in an audience while helping the cowboys who risk their lives to reach 8 seconds.

"Who knew that I could take the music and the drama, the football, basketball, track thing, and I was okay at all of them," Rasmussen says. "But, when I put them together for this career I'm in now, it made something real great."

Montana Treasure: Rodeo Clown Flint Rasmussen

In 1994, Rasmussen signed with the PRCA. He performed at the NFR eight times, and 30 years later, he hasn't lost a beat. Now he exclusively works for the PBR.

"Almost my rock and roll star dreams, but not quite."

While Rasmussen dances, performs and travels to sold-out arenas all around the world, he still raised his daughters where he planted his roots in Choteau.

"I'm never as nervous as when my daughters compete at rodeo, or when Payge was competing in track here," he says. "It drives me crazy."

Wherever Rasmussen makes a stop, Montana will always be his home, and Choteau is where it all started.


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