Garth Gabriel has been a custodian with Great Falls Public Schools for 34 years and counting. He first started when he was 19 years old after graduating from Great Falls High School.

"The first day of school in August there was an opening at East, so I put in for it and got it," Gabriel said. 

Today, Gabriel works at Mountainview Elementary. He starts his shift in the afternoon, and spends hours cleaning the school for the kids to return the next day.

Despite doing most of his work when everyone is at home, students and staff can't help but notice his hard work.

"I think he likes doing it, because he helps students, he helps teachers, he basically helps everyone in the school," fourth grader Cagen Getten said. "That's the best part about him, if you have a problem, you can ask him and he can help you very well."

Gabriel says the job is very fulfilling and he loves taking care of the school for the students and his coworkers.

"Basically the staff and the kids, mostly the kids. Keep them happy," Gabriel said.

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