A small Butte business is helping make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, one taco at a time. The Dish-ability food truck is this week's Montana Treasure.

Dish-ability was only a vision three years ago. Today, it employs 6-10 workers with disabilities at a time. They prep food, wash dishes and work the line.

Cofounder Cassie Wick says Dish-ability helps many people with disabilities get the skills they need to join the workforce.

"It's a stepping stone for people," Wick says. "It's a resume builder, it's a confidence builder and it really gives people an opportunity to try something new that they may not have been given before."

She says Dish-ability benefits abled people as well.

"It gives people a really cool opportunity to interact with people with disabilities, which isn't always the case," she says.

Austin Espelin has been working with the food truck Dish-ability since day one.

"It gives you a sense of accomplishment and it feels good," Espelin says.

The truck is self-sustaining, and Wick says it adds some diversity to Butte's food.

With a recipe in hand, Dish-ability workers can make anything possible. The truck's diverse menu includes a rotating lineup with specials such as chicken and waffles to vegetarian honey-sriracha cauliflower "buffalo wings". 

Dish-ability will be serving up at various locations throughout Butte in October. Check out their Facebook to find their locations.

Montana Treasure: Butte's Dish-ability food truck

If you know someone who is disabled and would benefit from a job, you can contact the Silver Bow Development Disabilities Council at 406-723-4061.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness month.

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