Leah Gannon, Ft. Benton SOTW

"I just like doing community service. It seems like a job sometimes, but especially when you're with your team, it makes it really fun."

Fort Benton senior Leah Gannon speaks softly, but is loud and proud on the court. Since joining the Longhorn basketball program in middle school, she has quietly grown into the main ball-handler for the girls varsity squad.

"I think when I started here, Leah was probably like a sixth grader. Just this shy, quiet little girl. Always competitive, cause I taught her in PE. Kinda took my attention right way. An athletic little girl and she's just a great kid," said Pimperton.

"I like to think of myself as a leader now. I'm quiet though, but I think I lead by example," said Leah. "I come into the gym most mornings and shoot, and keep my grades good, and try to encourage all the younger girls because it's important that they are confident and to build our program."

Her shy demeanor, however, isn't reflected when she plays basketball.

"In practices she's, the first one getting done with sets of lines. She's just the hardest worker, and I think kids admire that, and look up to a leader that works hard. And they love her. They love her, she's so nice and genuine to them," Pimperton said.

Leah works just as hard in the community as she does on the court and in the classroom. She is an active volunteer at the Horns Hoops summer basketball camps, as well as the Little Dribblers program Fort Benton High school hosts after school.

"Obviously all the little kids know who Leah is," said Pimperton. "There's a couple who are just drawn to her. There's one little kid who wouldn't participate unless Leah was right by her side. And Leah, she didn't care. She just went and stood right by that kids side and helped her through camp the whole day."

In the past, she's also organized a food drive, and helped her old bus driver hang up his Christmas lights last year after he suffered an injury. For Leah, it's a way to give back to to a community who has helped her throughout the years.

"We make it fun, and it feels good to help out with the community," said Leah. 

Fort Benton is currently in second place behind Box Elder in the Class C Standings. 

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