Big Sky Harley Davidson Toy Run

GREAT FALLS- Normally they give back to 30 kids every holiday season. But this year, the Big Sky Harley Toy Run in Great Falls was able to put a smile on over 100 children's faces.

"We have one of the girls who lives in her car or spends some time in her car, so she asked for a gift card for gas," said Pam Howard, the Activities Director with HOG.

It's the simple necessities like gas money, food, and clothes, that kids in need across great falls are hoping Santa brings them this Christmas.

"Some of them asked to buy gift cards for their younger siblings," said Howard.

And for some children, their Christmas wish is to see the ones they love full of joy on Christmas morning.

"One, in particular, wanted something for his mom. It kind of tugged at our heartstrings when we read that one," said Greg Vetter with HOG.

But it's thanks to our community who voluntarily steps up when people need a little extra help.

"We had this lovely lady Dorthy who made 150 stockings for our event. Each one is individually made. Handmade for each of the kids. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our community," said Brenda Robertson with Tenacious Dames.

And the 15 motorcycle groups who work annually so these children don't have to worry about the things our parents provide for us.

"It's coming to where Christmas break is coming, and these kids only eat at school, and so during Christmas break, we have to be concerned where they're eating, and what they're eating," said Howard.

Which is why some of these presents you see wrapped up have gift cards inside donated by local restaurants.

"Favorite part is just watching the smile on the kid's faces and letting them know they're safe at all times," said Jason Nitz, the President of Defiance.

If you want to donate or help out in any way, click here.

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