Brightening the Day of Patients Getting Surgey: Students Build Electric Remote Car

GREAT FALLS- Inside Benefis, there's now a remote toy car children pediatric patients can ride in on their way to the operating room, and it's all thanks to a group of local students.

The students of Foothills Community Christian School spent just one month putting this car together, and here’s how it works.

It's all run by a little remote, and with just a couple clicks of the button, your child's stress of having to leave you in the O.R. waiting room can be put at ease.

These students you see raised enough money from their “Penny War” fundraiser last year that they were able to order the car parts, and then assembled it all together themselves. Mason Cyr, a Foothills Community Christian Student Council member tells us his favorite part in all of this was delivering the car to Benefis.

"We really wanted to reach out to the community, and serve them," said Cyr.

Benefis tells us these children pediatric patients may not always feel good waiting in the operating room, and now can thanks to the Foothills Community Christian students.

These students selected the make and model of the car. This small little jeep is even fully loaded with the playing music, lights, and a personalized license plate titled "2 Fast".

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