Matt Rosendale concedes

Things started to wind down in Helena on Wednesday. After a very tight senate race, Matt Rosendale has conceded to Senator Jon tester.

The republican senate hopeful has not made any public appearances today, but released a statement saying:

         "While we suffered a setback, our movement and our cause will continue to move forward. I will never stop working to make our country and state better.'"

As many Montanans know, Matt Rosendale had more than an endorsement from President Donald Trump. The POTUS visited the Treasure State four times all to boost support for Rosendale. While its unclear if the president has called his favorite Montana candidate concerning the loss, last night Rosendale said he believes win or lose, he still has the president's support.

"I feel like the president feels very good about the way we ran this campaign. He's told me that as much many times over. We came from a 17 point deficit against a two term incumbent who is extremely well funded and so everyone has given us a lot of kudos and encouragement for the way we've conducted ourselves in this campaign," said Rosendale.

He also said he will continue his efforts to lower health care costs and hold the line on government spending.

Rosendale will remain in the Montana public eye. He still has two years left to serve in his term as state auditor.

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