Dog shot and skinned leaving family looking for answers

Imagine your dog goes missing and you scour your property trying to find her. But four days later you do, and she turns up shot and skinned.

I couldnt believe that would happen, especially around here, and how somebody could do that to such a sweet old dog, said Angilynn Bella Dea.

Molly is Bella Dea's best friend. They traveled the country together, farmed the land together, and were inspirable, Until last Sunday when Molly didnt come home.

We are surrounded by thousands of acres so we were searching further out. It didnt make sense that she would be that far but not knowing what happened we said well let's search around all the farmland, said Bella Dea.

Bella Dea and her family kept searching. Four days later she and her two dogs came across a sight she never wanted to see

I crested the hill and saw them standing by her licking her trying to figure out why she was just laying there, said Bella Dea

Molly had been shot and skinned.

I was just in shock!

Bella Dea had molly looked at by a vet and the vet confirmed she had been shot at what looks like point blank range due to the burns around the wound.

Fish wildlife and parks confirmed with me the skinning of molly was not done by predation, but by a human.

Chouteau County Sheriffs Office tells me this is still an active investigation, but if found, the person who did this could be facing two years in prison and a 2,500 dollar fine for aggravated cruelty to animals.

The family does have a 1500 dollar reward to find the person who did this. They hope this never happens to them, or anybody else again.

If anyone has information regarding this shooting, please contact the Chouteau County Sheriffs office at 406-662-5451.

Numerous members of the community have asked to donate and help with the reward fund. If you want to help raise the reward here is the link 

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