Loy Elementary school

GREAT FALLS- Some parents are concerned about the road directly outside of Loy Elementary school, located next to Malmstrom AFB.

Currently, the speed limit for the stretch of road is 45mph, which is 20mph more than a school zone.

As a result, a parent reached out to us with this question, “Why is Loy Elementary the only school with a speed limit over 25 miles per hour?”

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time the question has been asked.

In fact, last spring, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) did a study on the same roadway.

Their findings led them to believe the road didn't qualify for a school speed zone.

In addition to this, the city of Great Falls agreed with them.

Some of the reasons for this were because there wasn't a lot of pedestrian activity, no one was seen crossing the street, and citation data showed officers consistently monitoring the area.

All in all, there aren't any dangers when it comes to the roadway.

“We work with our law enforcement and the district, and now I know that they're very good at contacting us if they feel like something is changing or something that needs to be re-evaluated,” Roy Peterson, the Traffic and Safety Engineer for MDT.

Looking forward, MDT plans on continuing to monitor the roadway to make sure it stays safe for both drivers and students year round.  

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