GREAT FALLS- With temperatures warming up and drier weather on the way, it's safe to say wildfire season is quickly approaching.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), things are looking pretty good when it comes to wildfire predictions.

However, just NWS is predicting we’ll have a weak fire season.

Due to a late winter and a spring that's brought buckets of rain, fire season has been pushed back a week or two.

Current conditions, the National Weather Service says we're looking lush and green across North Central Montana, which is a definite plus.

However, this can also be a bad thing.

“When we have a really wet June and we have a lot of grass growth, just the depth of that tall grass ends up being more of a fire hazard if it ends up drying out,” explains Bob Hoenisch, a NWS meteorologist.

For an average fire season, we're looking at about 500,000 acres being burned.

Back in 2017, we tripled that number with over 1.5 million acres burned.

While things might be looking good for here in North Central Montana, NWS is concerned for areas around Eureka and Libby, which continues to dry out.

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