Tree Funding

GREAT FALLS- Following the harsh winter, city crews are removing nearly 200 trees that need to be replaced.

This winter, the Parks Department will start uprooting the left-over stumps.

After all the old stumps are uprooted and filled, the Parks Department will start looking at budgeting for new trees to fill their place.

Staff say there isn't any money in the Parks District Budget to go towards new trees, and all of the current money is being put towards other projects over the next three years.

Regardless, the Parks Department says they'll get the money one way or another.

“We'll have some numbers and we'll probably try to get some bids and stuff late winter and it will be coming out of my Natural Resource Budget; and if we can get some grants and that type of stuff. We'll be exploring all them options,” explains Todd Seymanski, a City of Great Falls Forester.

Each tree typically costs between $225-$250.

The reason for such a high price tag is because the Parks Department needs to purchase larger and sturdier trees that won't be damaged as easily when it comes to vandalism and harder winters. 

In addition to this, the Parks Department will have to take into account the installation fee which is $450-$500 on average.

 All in all, the project will cost roughly $150,000, not including the labor needed to upkeep  the trees over the next several years.

A lot depends on Mother Nature, as rainy years help keep the costs of watering down.

If all goes well, you can expect to see new trees planted around mid to late April.

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