Recreational Shooting

GREAT FALLS- Firefighters have been battling the North Hills fire for over a week now, with containment at 90% as of yesterday.

The 5,000 acre fire was started by someone shooting an explosive substance known as tannerite, something Great Falls Fire Rescue says never should have happened. 

In fact, in order to create the explosive substance, you have to mix different chemicals together, shake it up, and place it at a safe distance before firing.

According to GFFR, this should give people plenty of time to think it through.

However, explosive targets aren't the only things you need to keep in mind.

“In these types of conditions, Tannerite would certainly not be something that would be appropriate. And even if you're shooting, make sure of your backstop. Make sure you have a really good back stop; that you're not shooting against rocks. They could theoretically cause a spark,” explains Shane Klippenes, the GFFR Trainer Officer.

If you do plan on doing any recreational shooting this summer, GFFR advises going to a range or bringing plenty of extra water with you just in case things get out of hand.

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