National Guard

Troops at Fort Harrison are participating in several training exercises earlier today as a part of their pre- deployment training. 

These men and women are preparing for 6 months away from home, dealing with what could be considered the unimaginable.

At Fort Harrison, training for the worst scenario today, will help them come home safe later down the road.

In total, the 1st 1-89th General Support Aviation Battalion has 250 troops, but only 50-70 men and women participated in today's training.

Troops learned everything from how to gear up in case of a chemical attack, to how to evade and escape an enemy.

These sessions went as far as using scent dogs to try to find hiding troops and raising and lowering soldiers from helicopters in emergency situations, which is something many are hoping they never have to do.

“The importance of this type of training is , you know, real world situation. Aircraft goes down and you're behind enemy lines, whatever, you need to know how to survive, escape, resist and evade. So as we're going out there through this stuff, kind of hones all those survival skills,” explains Kasey Kuntz, a pilot for the U.S Army National Guard.

Trainings such as this one are required before anyone can deploy into a combat zone.

Troops are also required to annually take a refresher course in order to keep up to date on the latest developments and tactics.

From here, the battalion will be continuing their pre-deployment training at Fort Hood in Texas, with more combat and survival training.

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