Great Falls Public Library director Susie with a runner

Photo courtesy of The Great Falls Public Library's Facebook

GREAT FALLS- 130 people turned out to The Great Falls Public Library’s Fine Free Fun Run to walk and run hundreds of laps around Gibson Park.

Donations from the Friends of the Great Falls Public Library, participants and others at the event totaled $3,211, paying off overdue library fines for almost 300 library card users, many of which were about to be sent to collections.

Anyone whose fines have been paid for by the donations will receive a letter in the mail that their library card was paid, that they are back in good standing and that they are encouraged to return to the library.

Library Director Susie McIntyre was one of the first to start running, even running her final lap in reverse to give other runners high-fives.

In a written statement, the Great Falls Public Library thanked the Friends of the Library for its generous donation, as well as for providing volunteers to help staff the event.

Many participants and library staff said that they couldn’t wait to do it again. The Great Falls Public Library is already planning next year’s event, hoping for an even greater turn out from both runners and donors for the next Fine Free Fun Run.

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