Aircraft Hangar

GREAT FALLS- Great Falls is now the one and only city in the Treasure State to operate the largest private aircraft hangar; a project that has been in the works for 5 years now.

The new hangar will officially be open for business in about a month.

It is owned and operated by Eagle Jet Solutions, a company that buys, sells, and provides storage for planes.

The new aircraft hangar is large enough to hold 2 Boeing 737's, which equals out to roughly 234 feet in length.

This new project not only benefits the Great Falls International Airport, but the entire city as well.

“As folks with means come to enjoy our national parks and our public lands, and their private ranches and those types of things; having a facility like this attracts that traffic through our community and so people get to see our community that may not otherwise get to see it, hopefully over time they invest in it,” explains John Faulkner, the Great Falls International Airport Director.

The new hangar will also be used to house planes during storms in order to help with efficiency and avoided damages.

The 20-acre aviation park still has several portions of land open for new developments and the Great Falls Airport says they do have some parties interested in possibly adding more developments in the coming years.

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