Montana 4-H

GREAT FALLS- While some people look forward to the Montana State Fair because of the carnival rides, others are getting ready for a competition they've been preparing for all year long.

The Montana State Fair is a busy time for 4-H students, with today being the busiest as contestants weigh in their prized livestock in preparation for the big competition.

Over the past year, students have done everything from feeding and grooming their animals, to making sure they get plenty of exercise.

While many kids might not like the idea of daily chores, the trend is actually starting to grow; which is also a good thing for agriculture across Montana. 

“Our numbers are up, we've got more kids involved, that kind of keeps growing every year which is a good thing. Quality of animals in Montana is getting better and better and better. So that's something that's neat to watch with this show is watch the quality of animals improve every year,” explains Mike Vanek, Junior Livestock Supervisor.

The reason livestock is continuing to improve across Montana is because more children are joining the 4-H program, which, according to Vanek, promotes healthy competition to raise the best animals possible.

The best way you can help is by attending the events and competitions this week, with the market shows kicking off at 8a.m Wednesday morning.

Following this, Open Showmanship starts at 8a.m on Thursday with the Champion Pick at 5p.m.

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