GREAT FALLS- Living next to a military base means life can be a little different for those living outside of it.

One thing you might have noticed are large military vehicles driving around town, better known as convoys.

However, there are some things you need to know when you see these lines of vehicles, and believe it or not, Malmstrom AFB is asking for your help.

Two to three times a week, you can see convoys rolling out of Great Falls heading towards missile sites across Central Montana. 

These hummers, trucks and other military vehicles are full of security forces airmen, investigators and even federal agents.

Their job is to make sure they secure the load they're carrying, as well as the site they're carrying it to.

However, your job is just as important.

“If they see us coming, basically the most important thing to do is get out of the road as much as possible. Whether that's pulling over or pulling off onto another road if there is another road or a parking lot or something like that,” explains Lt. Kojiro Kobayashi, a member of the 341st Security Support Squadron.

So what happens if you fall behind a convoy?

The good news is, you can pass the vehicles; although you are not required to.

However, there is a catch... if you do choose to pass, you have to pass them all. 

Getting in the middle of the convoy could get you into a bit of a snag with those airmen.

In the end, your safest bet is to keep an eye out and pay attention to your surroundings.

“Sometimes they'll tell you to keep moving and keep driving forward; sometimes they'll tell you to stop. So just listening to them and doing whatever they say will be super helpful,” says Kobayashi.

You won’t have to worry about seeing a convoy for too much longer.

With winter right around the corner, you'll start to see fewer convoys around Great Falls because of the worsening road conditions.

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