Active Shooter Training

GREAT FALLS- Less than a month ago, 31 people were killed in two separate mass shootings in less than 24 hours.

Now, Great Falls Fire Rescue, Cascade County Sheriff's Office and Great Falls Police Department are all training together to prepare for the worst.

“How can we do the best for the greater good,” asks GFFR Assistant Fire Chief Jeremy Jones.

For many, this is a question without a solid answer.

However, for first response teams in Cascade County, this training is taking a step in the right direction.

“Active shooter situations are happening all over the united states right now. And God forbid one does happen in our area, but if one does, all of us are coming,” Jason Boy, Sgt. of Patrol CCSO.

“What we're training on today is, if one of those things should happen to happen in our community, we want to be prepared for it. We want to be ready for it,” says John Schaffer, Capt. of Patrol Services GFPD.

For this week's training, what began as a small idea turned into something much bigger.

“We didn't necessarily know what w e wanted this too look like. Throughout the week, that picture gotten a lot more clear,” explains Jason Boyd, Sgt. of Patrol CCSO.  

In mass causality incident's, such as the shooting in Dayton, Ohio or El Paso, Texas, the first wave of response is finding the bad guy.

Now, local first response teams are changing the rules.

“People are bleeding out because they are not being treated. An injury that could be treated and that person could still be alive today, is not being treated fast enough. So it's getting into that structure, getting these fire guys and medic guys into the game as fast as possible,” explains Jason Boyd, Sgt. of Patrol CCSO.

While everyone is hoping an incident like this never happens again, if that day ever comes, the city of Great Falls couldn’t be in better hands.

“The skill level of the law enforcement, and the fire folks in Great Falls, Cascade County is to be commended,” says John Schaffer, Capt. of Patrol Services GFPD.

If you're interested in taking an active shooter course as a business, church, or even a school; just reach out to the GFPD at (406)-727-7688, or the Cascade County Sheriff's Office at (406)-454-6820 to set up a training time up.

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