gf art

If you've noticed downtown Great Falls getting a little bit brighter, you're eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Street crossings have been painted with musical notes, and traffic signal boxes have been brought to life as artists continue to brush their artwork across the city.

Local art has become more popular for downtown Great Falls over the past several years, and according to the Great Falls Business Improvement District says we're far from being done when it comes to adding color downtown.

“I’m open to art projects of any kind. I want to see sculptures; I want to see fun things. I'd love to see more art on our parking garages and have those turned into, you know, something more creative and eye candy kind of thing. Make it look a little nicer for everybody to look at,” explains Joan Redeen, Community Director of the Great Falls Business Improvement District.

Each summer, an artist is chosen to paint their design on a traffic signal box; and with only 7-10 left across the city, the tradition will soon end.

However, you can still look forward to several more murals as well as vibrant street crossings being added to downtown Great Falls over the next several years. 

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