GREAT FALLS- This year, the Great Falls Symphony Association has made the decision to only feature one Broadway show instead of 6 like last season.

The reason for the dramatic changes comes down to a few reasons, most of which have to deal with the timing of shows as well as making sure the performance's coming to the theatre are ones the community of Great Falls wants to see.

With that being the case, the Great Falls Symphony Association decided to use this year to take a step back and figure out what comes next.

“Start back up next year. I mean, we love the series, we love bringing it to the community, we want to continue to do that and part of that is just re-evaluating from time to time to make sure we're delivering exactly what the community needs and what they want,” explains Hillary Shepherd, the Executive Director of Great Falls Symphony Association.

The symphony's partners across the nation are already starting to gather shows together for next season; however, nothing is confirmed quite yet.

Usually the shows are announced around April.

This year, you can look forward to Mannheim Steamroller on December 12th at the Mansfield Theatre.

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