GREAT FALLS- A popular downtown pub is explaining that despite their initial advertising, they haven't been able to offer products infused with CBD.

Before Elevation 3330 officially opened, they promoted selling products infused with CBD and had every intention of doing so.

This was their way of staying ahead of the curve with the growing hemp industry and bringing something new to Great Falls. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana and does not get the user high.

Shortly before Elevation 3330 opened, they changed their mind about offering CBD on the menu.

“We want everybody to be welcome here and for us to do something that would jeopardize base personnel being able to come here, that's something we don't want to do,” explains Joe Anderegg, the Owner and General Manager of Elevation 3330.

If they were in another city such as Missoula, Joe says things would be a little different.

However, since they're in Great Falls, there hasn't ever been, or ever will be, CBD in any of their food or drinks. 

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