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GREAT FALLS- Horse racing is set to return to the Electric City next year, with 5 dates at the Montana Expo Park.

Cascade County commissioners gave racing the green light Tuesday morning at their regularly scheduled meeting.

That vote came with another $65,000 provided by the county to help with the purse and the races are run on a $325,000 budget.

The Great Falls Turf Club plans to run races starting mid-July and through the state fair.

Those dates still have to be approved by the Montana Board of Horse Racing.

Last year, horse racing brought in almost half a million dollars as 10,000 fans placed bets at the Expo Park track.

The Electric City is one of two venues still available for horse racing in Montana, and with this in mind; the Cascade County Commission felt it was important to keep the dying sport alive.

“Like most things, it's both a plus and a minus. It's a plus in the sense that the people in Montana who want to see live horse racing only have 2 venues to travel to in Montana. The downside is that without more venues, the industry itself is suffering,” explains Joe Briggs, a Cascade County commissioner.

As of right now, Commissioner Briggs says the county plans on continuing its partnership with the Turf Club for years to come.

One of the best ways you can help is by volunteering.

If you're interested in helping with the horse races, you're asked to contact the Turf Club at (406)- 727-42449.  

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