GREAT FALLS- The Cascade County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) recently released a YouTube video in an effort to recruit more detention officers at the county jail; something they say is a matter of public safety. 

“It's a critical job, I mean, you know, it's a great job; very rewarding job,” explains Jesse Slaughter, Cascade County Sheriff.

Instead of waiting for people to walk through their doors, the Sheriff's Office is taking the next step when it comes to finding new recruits.

“We need to get better at getting out there to who our potential employee is, and let’s face it, our potential employee is likely in a generation where they’re going to use social media,’ explains Slaughter.

While being fully staffed is the goal of any organization, when it comes to staffing officers at the jail, it is more or less a concern to help keep the community safe.

“Public safety. You know, we have a huge facility. It's no secret our facility is often times, if not always overcrowded. So therefore, it's critical for all those detention officers to be staffed,” says Slaughter.

While the job might be rewarding, it takes a special person to fill such a big role.

“These people go to jail every day. Twelve hours a day they voluntarily go to jail to work there to keep our community safe. So it's a tough job, I mean it's a very tough job,” further explains Slaughter.

The good news is that while they still aren't fully staffed yet, the Sheriff's Office is starting to see the community feedback they were hoping for.

“It's been very, very positive... Very positive. One of our last groups of detention officers was probably one of the most experienced groups I’ve seen come through,” comments Slaughter.

Looking forward, you can expect to see a huge recruitment push from CCSO as they continue to grow and find the next generation of leaders within our community.

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