GREAT FALLS- Cascade County is suing the State of Montana Department of Corrections for not following through on their end of a contract to provide funding for the Cascade County Detention Center.

According to the court documents, the Department of Corrections owes the Cascade County Detention Center nearly $767,000 thousand dollars for room and board costs.

The DOC is currently being charged with one count of Breach of Contract, one count of Unjust Enrichment, and one count of Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing.

The problem has been going on for the past 2 years; starting back in August of 2017 when the County sent an invoice to the DOC asking for reimbursement.  

According to court documents, the DOC isn't abiding by the updated contract agreements and is refusing to pay what Cascade County says they rightfully owe them.

According to the updated Reimbursement Agreement of 2017, the DOC is responsible for paying $69 per day for every inmate at the Cascade County Detention Center.

However, the DOC is abiding by the reimbursement agreement of 2016 instead, which leaves out certain exceptions such as the DOC paying for  parole violators, or a probationer serving a DOC sentencing, and housing an inmate who was charged verbally instead of on paper.

Sheriff Slaughter said he couldn't make any comment on the subject since the investigation and case is still on-going.

A court date has not been set either.

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