Doctor accused of attempted murder and attempted child kidnapping

WHITEFISH - A woman from San Jose, California was arrested in Whitefish on a one million dollar warrant on attempted murder and attempted child kidnapping charges Wednesday morning around 5:15.

According to Whitefish Police Department, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Theresa Lynn Colosi, 55, is accused of assaulting a supervisor assigned by the court during her supervised child visitation and tried to kidnap her child in Santa Barbra. 

Santa Barbra Sheriff's Department alerted Whitefish police who say Colosi allegedly fled to Glacier International Airport by plane after taking out a substantial amount of cash from her account.

According to police, they found the address where Colosi was temporarily living.

Police say they monitored her location and identified Colosi when she got in a taxi around 5 a.m. 

Police pulled over the taxi and arrested Colosi.

She is jailed at Flathead County Detention Center to later get transported back to California.

This is a developing story.  

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